ICON Software GmbH has been developing products for the control and monitoring of computer systems in a heterogeneous environment since 1996. Stand-alone systems for monitoring as well as sensors for supplementing existing monitoring are offered.

In the area of ​​SAP, SAP HANA and SPS/PLC, a comprehensive package of proven sensors is available for appropriate monitoring. A wide range of requirements can be directly mapped from the areas to be monitored.

The core of the system is the intuitive SAP Profiler. Using this, the supplied finished sensors can be tested interactively before planning. Further required sensors can be generated directly and used in monitoring.

SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring Paessler's PRTG
SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring SolarWinds Orion
SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring Ipswitch WhatsUp

ICON Software GmbH has released two current sensors for process monitoring from SAP. For this purpose, these sensors are available free of charge for SAP basic monitoring on an RFC basis. Simply request the corresponding FreePackage without obligation...

If you want to explore the available and monitorable information from the SAP or PLC systems in advance, you can download a SAP/SPS Demo with sample data under Downloads/Profiler.

SAP/SPS Sensors for your self-designed Realtime-Monitoring using the X-Eyes
EvaluationPackages: Test the monitoring functions of your SAP, Hana and PLC environment for 30 days without obligation ... SPS Sensors for Monitoring-Systems, e.g. Paessler's PRTG

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