Since 1996 the ICON Software GmbH develops products for the control and monitoring of SAP-systems within heterogeneous environment. In doing so, systems of all areas, like Host, Windows or Unix, are touched. The aim is to control and coordinate all systems from a central point.

The Philosophy of the developed systems is based on the term of the „Virtual Employee“. In this concept, no intervention in the involved systems is required. The access will be implemented by existing methods and enables so an effective work.

The access to SAP/SPS-Systems is performed by RFC (Remote Function Call) or the S7-protocol and requires no intervention into SAP/SPS itself. You can contact local and remote systems. For access to SAP you need valid access rights. You need informations like Username, Password and the Hostname.

The offered SAP/SPS-Sensors are small modules, written in „C“, who work autonomous. They are able to contact the SAP or SPS directly and provide the result to the offered products.

SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring Paessler's PRTG
SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring SolarWinds Orion
SAP Sensors for the RealTime-Monitoring Ipswitch WhatsUp
SPS Sensors for Monitoring-Systems, e.g. Paessler's PRTG

Free-Sensors: With this help the working of your SAP- and SPS-Systems can easily be checked.

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